Proprietor: Beverley Kiltie

My name is Beverley Kiltie and I am the proud owner of BDS.

I am a kind, patient and courteous female driving instructor/trainer specialising in nervous, shy and unconfident pupils. My empathy and ability to encourage growth and personal achievement through various coaching techniques has brought me high pass rates and a warm, positive rapport with all my students.

We at BDS follow a strict Code of Conduct

  • To teach the DSA syllabus and promote ‘safe driving for life’
  • To be value for money
  • To be courteous and professional at all times
  • To be friendly, helpful and approachable
  • To have a well maintained, dual controlled vehicle in a clean and tidy condition

Recently I've been pushing the bounds of giving people the opportunity to drive and have aligned myself as a partner with key groups:

  • Plymouth Mobility Centre (PMC) - website - email: - 01752 546 222
  • Cornwall Mobility - website - email: - 01872 254 920
  • Disability Driving Instructors - website - email: - 0844 800 7355
  • For additional details on driving medical conditions visit:
    • If you'd like further details on the support I can provide for lessons contact myself.

With an automatic vehicle fitted with a variety of support equipment it gives the chance for new responsibility and freedom, for anyone despite their condition.

I sincerely wish you safe driving in your future wherever that Journey may take you.