Bev was my third driving instructor after my first two experiences left me anxious and convinced that I would never be able to drive. At 23 I knew it was time to try again and a driving instructor friend in Taunton recommended Bev for her skill and ability to work successfully with nervous drivers.

From my first lesson Bev put me at ease and made me feel empowered. I went from hating and dreading my driving lessons to feeling excited and actually enjoying them (a revelation for me)!

Bev teaches in a very cool and confident way, she's very thorough and patient and teaches you not only how to pass your test, but also how to be a safe and competent driver in the 'real world'.

Bev makes you feel like you CAN do it (which I obviously can because I've passed)! She is one of the most friendliest people I've ever met and our conversations alone were priceless. I'm going to genuinely miss our lessons and recommend Bev to anyone learning to drive in a safe, relaxed and professional environment.

She's wonderful.


I would thoroughly recommend BDS to anyone. Bev was good at settling my nerves in my earlier lessons, as well as giving detailed feedback to help me refine my skills as I approached tests. The lessons were always tailored to my needs whether that was pushing my abilities and confidence on more challenging routes, or having a more relaxed drive when needed. Once past the initial nerves lessons became even more enjoyable.

A massive thanks!


I was a very nervous first time driven and was suggested to Bev Kiltie. She gave me one key point to driving that was to stay focus and not worry about drivers wanting to over take me. She was kinda and funny, settling me into the drivers seat very well. I would recommend Bev to anyone. She is a great diving instructor to the most nervous students.


Bev was the perfect driving instructor for me: my lessons were always relaxed and friendly but the content was always precisely tailored to fit my needs. I would recommend buckland driving school to everyone but particularly anyone who has had a negative experience of learning to drive or finds it nerve-wracking. In my experience not only did it become possible but actually enjoyable - which is more than I had hoped for!!

Thanks again!
Vic x


Hi Bev,

I have had five different driving instructors over the many years that I have been learning to drive.  I never thought I would see the day that I passed my test. I constantly thought about giving up my lessons, but Bev's patience, understanding and most of all sense of humour gave me the encouragement I needed to persevere.  Bev didn't dismiss the anxiety and stress that learning to drive caused me.  Instead, she used techniques and methods that allowed me to channel my anxieties in a way that didn't compromise my driving.  I'll never forget the day I passed my test, Bev and I were both grinning from ear to ear because it was an achievement for both of us and a huge milestone in my life that I couldn't have reached without her!